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“Half my life is an act of revision.”

- John Irving -

Academic Publications 

Forthcoming  “From Power Balancing to a Dominant Faction in Xi Jinping’s China” (with Eun Kyong Choi and John W Givens) China Quarterly

Winter 2020  “The Political and Economic Consequences of COVID-19 for China” in The Coronavirus: Human, Social and Political Implications pp. 77-86

Spr 2020  “Bread and Circuses: Sports and Public Opinion in China” (with Dan Chen) Journal of Experimental Political Science pp. 41-55

Sep 2019  “Outsider ethnic minorities and wage determination in China” (with Reza Hasmath) International Labour Review vol. 159 no. 3

Apr 2018  “Beyond Special Privileges: The Discretionary Treatment of Ethnic Minorities in China’s Welfare System” (with Reza Hasmath) Journal of Social Policy vol. 47 no. 2

Jun 2017   “The Social Welfare of Ethnic Minorities” (with Reza Hasmath) in Handbook of Welfare in China (Edward Elgar: Cheltenham)

Jun 2017   “Discrimination in Ethnic Minority Earnings? Evidence from Urban China” (with Reza Hasmath) in Ethnicity and Inequality in China (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Press: Beijing)

Jan 2016   Book review: “Inclusive Growth, Development and Welfare Policy: A Critical Assessment, Edited by Reza Hasmath” The Journal of Development Studies vol. 52 no. 3 

Dec 2013 “New Social Media and (Electronic) Democratization in East and Southeast Asia: China and Malaysia Compared” (with Jason Abbott and John W. Givens) Taiwan Journal of Democracy, vol. 9 no. 2 (2013)

Working Papers

“How Citizens Order Their Political Mind: Contemporary Ideology in China” (with Reza Hasmath)

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