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“Half my life is an act of revision.”

- John Irving -

Academic Publications 

Oct 2023 Directed Digital Dissidence in Autocracies: How China Wins Online (with Jason Gainous, Rongbin Han, and Kevin Wagner). Oxford University Press.

Dec 2022 "Dreading big brother or dreading big profit? Privacy concerns toward the state and companies in China" (with Christoph Steinhardt and Lukas Holzschuh) First Monday vol 27 no. 12

Jun 2021  “From Power Balancing to a Dominant Faction in Xi Jinping’s China” (with Eun Kyong Choi and John W Givens) China Quarterly vol 248 issue 1

Winter 2020  “The Political and Economic Consequences of COVID-19 for China” in The Coronavirus: Human, Social and Political Implications pp. 77-86

Spr 2020  “Bread and Circuses: Sports and Public Opinion in China” (with Dan Chen) Journal of Experimental Political Science pp. 41-55

Sep 2019  “Outsider ethnic minorities and wage determination in China” (with Reza Hasmath) International Labour Review vol. 159 no. 3

Apr 2018  “Beyond Special Privileges: The Discretionary Treatment of Ethnic Minorities in China’s Welfare System” (with Reza Hasmath) Journal of Social Policy vol. 47 no. 2

Jun 2017   “The Social Welfare of Ethnic Minorities” (with Reza Hasmath) in Handbook of Welfare in China (Edward Elgar: Cheltenham)

Jun 2017   “Discrimination in Ethnic Minority Earnings? Evidence from Urban China” (with Reza Hasmath) in Ethnicity and Inequality in China (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Press: Beijing)

Jan 2016   Book review: “Inclusive Growth, Development and Welfare Policy: A Critical Assessment, Edited by Reza Hasmath” The Journal of Development Studies vol. 52 no. 3 

Dec 2013 “New Social Media and (Electronic) Democratization in East and Southeast Asia: China and Malaysia Compared” (with Jason Abbott and John W. Givens) Taiwan Journal of Democracy, vol. 9 no. 2 (2013)

Working Papers

“How Citizens Order Their Political Mind: Contemporary Ideology in China” (with Reza Hasmath)

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