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I'm from a rural town in Oregon (Amity) and grew up on a wine grape vineyard, spending the summers working in the fields.


I went to Stanford for my undergraduate degree and first masters degree. I spent a year working in China at the American Chamber of Commerce before starting my graduate studies.


I finished my PhD at Oxford in Politics in 2015, spent two years as a postdoctoral associate at the University of Louisville Center for Asian Democracy before starting my current job at Duke Kunshan University.

In my free time I like to run, listen to podcasts, watch Trail Blazer basketball, and dream of the day I can open a brewhouse.

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Chinese Politics

Including issues of authoritarian legitimation, strategies of development, and fiscal politics

2007 - 2015

University of Oxford

DPhil - Politics

MPhil - Politics

Politics on the Internet

How the internet shapes politics, creates identities, and influences development in China and beyond


Citizen ideology in autocratic regimes

Data in the Developing World

How to overcome the limits of poor data in developing nations

2003 - 2006

Stanford University

MA - East Asian Studies

1998 - 2002

Stanford University

BA - History

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